Hey Gorgeous!  I couldn't be happier that you are here!  I am so excited to share this dream with you!  

Since getting started with Trouvaille earlier this spring the same question is often asked at our stops..."How did you decide to do this?" or "Why a traveling boutique?"  For my first blog post I aim to answer those questions!

I decided to open a traveling boutique after years of dreaming and planning on opening a business of my own for years!  I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and always  knew I wanted more than a traditional 9-5pm job!  

As to why I opened a traveling boutique; there are several reasons.  The first being the concept makes good business sense!  I come to my customers; provide a unique shopping experience; and there's not the crazy cost of overhead as there would be with a brick and mortar store!  And my most favorite part of owning Trouvaille is the genuine surprise and fun I get to share with and bring to my customers!






christine bezold